Charley McEwen


Scottish born Charley McEwen is a hugely talented and popular hair stylist who embraces every job with genuine enthusiasm.

He dreamt of becoming a hairdresser from an early age and attended night classes while at school. His ambition brought him to London where he quickly found himself working with Cate Blanchett for the smash hit film Elizabeth and soon after for her West End theatre debut in Plenty.

Charley's versatility, like-ability and technical skill in working with all hair types soon helped him to establish an enviable roster of clients from Richard Madden, Tom Hardy, Taron Egerton, Nick Jonas & Jake Gyllenhaal, to Emeli Sande, Helen Mirren, Olga Kurylenko, Nicole Scherzinger, Kelly Rowland and Anne-Marie Duff.

Editorially Charley has worked with publications from Marie Claire & Hunger to Stylist & ES Magazine with photographers such as Rankin, David Oldham, Brian Daly, David Abrahams and Bryan Adams. Commercially his clients include Remington, Calvin Klein, Myla, Matalan, Next and Debenhams.

Charley also gets huge satisfaction from working closely with beauty brands for product launches, how-to videos and presentations to the beauty media and has much experience working in front of the camera for TV.

Instagram @charley.mcewen