Issie Gibbons


Issie began her career 10 years ago, starting in the Costume department at a film company. From there she was hooked and quickly made the move to fashion where she has continued to flourish.

She has built a reputation for her fun style, calm character and hard working approach.

Her work has been seen in Notion, Hunger, Schon and Volt. Commercially, she has worked with ASOS, All Saints, TK Maxx and Reebok and with photographers Kal Griffig, Chloe Mallett, Marc Hibbert and Simon Songhurst. She works regularly with Sony’s new signing Ward Thomas and has has the privilege of styling Katie Melua, Daisy Lowe, Chris O’Dowd and the iconic Debbie Harry.

Issie lives in Margate with her husband Olly and her dog Sid. Issie spends her spare time renovating her house in Margate.

Instagram: @IssieGibbonsStyling