Josh Caudwell


Josh Caudwell is a London based still life photographer focused on shooting an array of premium products.

Working across the advertising, beauty, and luxury sectors, Josh’s portfolios displays highly skilled techniques working with liquids, powder, with a particularly close attention to detail for jewellery, fragrances, watches and accessories.

Often found in his South London studio space shooting with water tanks, dry ice and smoke on an average day, to surrounded by snakes, chameleons and animal handlers on the not so average day.

Skilled in motion techniques ranging from stop motion to slow motion video, moving image collaborations have included Adidas, Foot Locker EU, Clinique and Molton brown.

Selected clients include Topshop, The Bodyshop, Haagen-Dazs, Asics, The Telegraph, Ingenue Magazine and GQ Style.

Josh is represented by Frank Agency

Instagram @joshcaudwell